Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Every day things that get you mad

Has your iPad ever died?  Has the microwave ever overflowed? Have your siblings pull a plug when you are games on the computer?

There are everyday things that just get you mad that just blow you into space. The small things exasperate you. You now when you aren't able to open things like  scissors. You know when have scissors that are broken. Then you throw them out then you go buy new one but you aren't able to open it because you need your old pair your old pair of scissors to open them even though they are snapped!!! This might go on for days, months and yes even years!!!

Sometimes those everyday things that get you mad mad might just happen at school.

One summer, on a sunny day, when the weather was warm, Angus took me to a macrocarpa tree. I thought to myself “What stupid thing is he going to show me now?”
Angus whispered to me, telling me to climb up the tree.
“Angus, should I do this?” I whispered. I started climbing up the tree but when I got to the top, I didn't know where to go from the branch I was standing on.
Angus said “Do you see a small gap?” So I climbed through and I sat down. I slipped and I slowly starting going down I tried to hold onto a branch but it was no use it went faster and faster then a branch caught on my top I felt the branch on my skin, I kept them sliding down then I fell out. I had a huge scar down my spine turned out the scar was a scratch going all the way down my back. But I won't go back up and do that again. I punched the air with frustration like I was punching someone.

The next time small things exasperate try to watch out for them.

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