Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Midnight fest

It is 12.00.am. My friends are up and eating chips. How it all started when we got back to Woodend camp. We had to go sit down on the grass after we walked to the beach for a safety briefing about what we could do with a parent and what we could not do. Then we had lunch. Michael came over he shouted “Can I sit with you guys?”
Flynn “Yes.”

He showed us his ginormous packet of chips. “Holy moly!” we all said . What I was surprised about is that we were in the same bunk room, we are called Dabbing Kings!
Flynn whispered “Why don’t we have the chips at midnight?” So we did. I went to sleep but everyone else stayed up. So when it was midnight  Angus was shaking my legs and all of a sudden I was awake and the lights were on. But the problem was that we had parents right next to our bunk room so we had to whisper to each other. We ate the whole bag of chips! Then we were wide awake so we played games until it was morning.

I was learning how to use speech marks. I went well because I only had a few mistakes in my writing.  My next steps are to use commas in the right  spot.
I didn't use any bright spark words in my writing. But next time I am going to use 5 bright spark words.

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